On-Line Sales

Slicker provides eCommerce in a way that is cost effective to you and secure for your customers. Each transaction is encrypted through Cart32, a third-party shopping cart prodcut.  This protects the purchaser’s information, in particular their credit card number, as well as what is being purchased. 

When a visitor to your site purchases an item, the transaction goes through Cart32 on Slicker’s server in a secure environment that records the purchase and obtains credit authorization to complete the transaction.  You then receive an email of that transaction, but without the credit card number.  

You can access the credit card number and authorization code by going into your pressOmatic account, entering your User ID and password, and clicking on SHOW ORDERS.   This will provide you access to a listing of transactions, also in a secured location, with information on the purchaser and what is being purchased.

For more information, please email us at info@slicker.com or call us at 843.853.2690.

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