About Us

Slicker, Inc. has been an application service provider (ASP) and web site builder since 1997, using a proprietary content management solution called pressOmatic®. With a full and part-time staff team numbering 5, the Slicker web army has designed and built over 150 unique and beautiful web sites that function smoothly and efficiently. Our careful approach creates web sites that are easily to navigate and a joy to use.

Slicker only hosts sites that we build. This is because Slicker has created a network of businesses and clients who want to work together to be successful and have chosen pressOmatic as a way to take control of their web sites--to use their web sites as a business tool and not just a web brochure.

Slicker provides a wide variety of internet features, on-going technical support and assistance, as well as continuous free updates to pressOmatic for all of our clients.

In September 2008, Slicker launched an iPhone portal called City Slicker® that allows access to information on the happenings and hot spots of Charleston.  Each of our clients is able to add information to the City Slicker portal using pressOmatic in the same way they update their own web sites. 

Each of our clients will benefit from City Slicker because of the added linking and the additional traffic that will be funneled to their web sites.

Slicker, Inc. is dedicated to building beautiful web sites that grow as your business grows.

Charleston Web Design / Web Hosting / Internet Marketing / Web Site Maintenance
Slicker, Inc. is the premiere web design and Internet marketing firm located in Charleston, South Carolina. We offer exceptional quality custom web site designs, backed with a powerful content management solution that is easy to use by expert programmers and novices alike.